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A Hitchhiker's Travelogue


For couple of years, I’ve wanted to go on a hitchhiking trip with the intent of interviewing the people who give me a ride.  I set aside six days in June, packed a tent and sleeping bag and travelled along the Oregon coast with an audio recorder in my pocket.  I wanted to capture the experience for people who have never had the chance, or who may never feel comfortable hitchhiking or picking up a hitchhiker.  I wanted to expose the hitchhiker/driver relationship, and share some of the drivers’ stories.  There are countless reasons, social, economic, aesthetic and environmental, why I think hitchhiking is a beautiful experience, and I hope some of those come across in these recordings.  


In the Event of a HitchHiker

Submissions are now closed.

In the event of a Hitch Hiker.JPG

I am now accepting submissions of audio material to be played in my car, a 1998 Light Green Ford Escort Wagon, in the event that I pick up a Hitch Hiker.  Material can be in the form of audio art, music (mixed tape), monologue, silence, audio love letter, radio dramas, etc. Anything is possible.  You be the DJ.

NOTE: I will not listen to the material before I pick up a hitcher.

Please make sure all submissions are in the form of a standard audio-cassette, cds cannot be played. Please also give some consideration to my safety and that of the stranger/new friend sitting next to me.  Participants will receive payment in the form of one surprise item by mail.

All submissions would ideally be mailed to me by March 31st, 2012.

In the event of a Hitch-Hiker
c/o Zachary Gough, Misc Gallery Intern
312 Gillespie, Sherbrooke, QC
J1H 4X4