Social Practice & Community Art

Alberta Blues.  I worked on this video with my dear friends and colleagues Sharita Towne, Patricia Vazquez, and Grace Hwang.  They are a very delightful and talented artists each.  Such a pleasure to work with them. 

Assignment 3. "Demonstrate a talent. Create a short video (3 min maximum) where you demonstrate a talent. Video quality is not an issue, Cell phone/web cam videos are acceptable."

December 10, 2011. Sherbrooke, Québec.


People Shooting Guns

My friend Erica and I went to a shooting range recently to check out what the deal is with guns.  To me, Obama's gun reform in response to the shootings in an elementary school in Newtown is too little too late. So why then, is it receiving such heavy opposition? As a left-minded Canadian living in the US, I have trouble understanding the right to bear arms.  Or maybe the issue is that I don't understand the possibility of the need to bear arms.  My experience is so far removed from situations and parts of the world where political and civil unrest are present and where self-organizing with force against oppressive institutions of power is necessary.  But is that a need of Americans today - to fight with force against the controlling power?