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correspondent is a journalist or commentator, an agent who contributes reports to a newspaper, or radio or television news, from a remote, often distant, location ...The term correspondent refers to the original practice of filing news reports via postal letter.

For my residency in Sackville, presented in collaboration between CHMA and Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, I recruited a group of engaged volunteers to participate in a special local news and issues task force during the month of January.  These correspondents were introduced to CHMA and trained in all skills necessary to create balanced and critical news around issues pertaining to the Sackville community and the surrounding area.  We specifically sought people who already had strong connections to diverse groups around town and an understanding of the issues that matter to those groups.   

Together, the correspondents created a short series of special news broadcasts called Be the News designed to get new voices on CHMA, and to contribute to a local dialogue about the social, environmental, political and economic issues that matter to the citizens of Sackville.  


The dedicated correspondents:
Michael Freeman
Julia Feltham
Jeane Fries
Michael Freeman
Zachary Gough
Jisun Kim
Martin Omes
Kate Philips
Quincy Russell
Louis Zatzman

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