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Look What's Under This Rock

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Design by Simogne Hudson

Look What’s Under this Rock is a news radio show created collaboratively by students of the citizen journalism class in the Chiron studies program at PSU and in partnership with As self taught, citizen journalists, we report on topics that are relevant to our immediate communities and personal concerns. We see journalism as a vehicle for our own civic engagement and investment in political, economic, social and environmental issues. We make news that matters to us, and contributes thoughtfully to the public media landscape. 


Citizen Journalists are: Kasey Colton, Kara Erny, Joel Cano, Zachary Gough, Simogne Hudson, Scott Poole, Danny Shapiro

Thanks to: Pete Banjo, Rozzell Medina, Amanda Hudson, Mike Murawski, Kristian Foden-Vencil

KBOO 90.7 FM Debt Correspondent

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Recently, I've taken on the role of debt correspondent to KBOO's evening News Program. 

Student debt in America has surpassed $1.2 trillion dollars, or more than the total amount of hard cash in circulation in the entire american economy. In other words, in order to completely pay off everyone’s student debt in cash, it would require every single printed bill in circulation. That’s everything in my pocket, your pocket, everything in every till of every grocery store across the country. So, If you’re not sure how you’re ever going to pay off your student debts, you are not a loan. 

Student debt has surpassed 1.2 trillion dollars in the US. On average, students in Oregon graduate with 25 to 27 thousand dollars in loans. But PSU students have been partnering with the Working Families Party to find a viable solution. 

Peanuts and CrackerJack

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In August 2012, I headed North to the Yukon to do a project through the Klondike Institute for the Art and Culture's (KIAC) Riverside Art Festival. This festival happens during Discovery Day, the territorial holiday long weekend that commemorates the 1896 Gold Rush. Also that weekend, Baseball teams from all over the North compete in the Discovery Day annual fast pitch tournament. I partnered with KIAC, the tournament, and the community radio station CFYT 106.9FM to broadcast the play-by-play of the championship game. Members of the crowd had an opportunity to call an inning of the ball game on the radio. 

Correspondents: "Be the News"

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A correspondent is a journalist or commentator, an agent who contributes reports to a newspaper, or radio or television news, from a remote, often distant, location ...The term correspondent refers to the original practice of filing news reports via postal letter.

For my residency in Sackville, presented in collaboration between CHMA and Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, I recruited a group of engaged volunteers to participate in a special local news and issues task force during the month of January.  These correspondents were introduced to CHMA and trained in all skills necessary to create balanced and critical news around issues pertaining to the Sackville community and the surrounding area.  We specifically sought people who already had strong connections to diverse groups around town and an understanding of the issues that matter to those groups.   

Together, the correspondents created a short series of special news broadcasts called Be the News designed to get new voices on CHMA, and to contribute to a local dialogue about the social, environmental, political and economic issues that matter to the citizens of Sackville.  

The dedicated correspondents: Michael Freeman, Julia Feltham, Jeane Fries, Zachary Gough, Jisun Kim, Martin Omes, Kate Philips, Quincy Russell, Louis Zatzman.

Whistle While You Work

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Designed for people to listen to while their hands are busy doing other things, this five part radio series first aired on Red Clay Radio at White Rabbit Art Festival in Economy, Nova Scotia. 2012.  Baking a cake? Making a quilt? Fixing a bike?  Building a model car? This is for you. Extra special thanks to Andrew Maize and Michael Waterman. 

Stranger Danger; a Hitchhiker's Travellogue

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For couple of years, I’ve wanted to go on a hitchhiking trip with the intent of interviewing the people who give me a ride.  I set aside six days in June, packed a tent and sleeping bag and travelled along the Oregon coast with an audio recorder in my pocket.  I wanted to capture the experience for people who have never had the chance, or who may never feel comfortable hitchhiking or picking up a hitchhiker.  I wanted to expose the hitchhiker/driver relationship, and share some of the drivers’ stories.  There are countless reasons, social, economic, aesthetic and environmental, why I think hitchhiking is a beautiful experience, and I hope some of those come across in these recordings.