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Look What's Under This Rock

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Design by Simogne Hudson

Look What’s Under this Rock is a news radio show created collaboratively by students of the citizen journalism class in the Chiron studies program at PSU and in partnership with As self taught, citizen journalists, we report on topics that are relevant to our immediate communities and personal concerns. We see journalism as a vehicle for our own civic engagement and investment in political, economic, social and environmental issues. We make news that matters to us, and contributes thoughtfully to the public media landscape. 


Citizen Journalists are: Kasey Colton, Kara Erny, Joel Cano, Zachary Gough, Simogne Hudson, Scott Poole, Danny Shapiro

Thanks to: Pete Banjo, Rozzell Medina, Amanda Hudson, Mike Murawski, Kristian Foden-Vencil