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Citizen Journalism

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What stories do we think are newsworthy? How can media production reflect our civic responsibilities to political, economic, social and environmental engagement? How can we position news media as a collective action, and embed the actions of our neighbours and ourselves into the media landscape? In this course, we will collaboratively produce an issues-focused radio talk show with KPSU, and in doing so, explore some of the qualities of radio, uncover the basics of reporting, immerse ourselves in Portland’s issues, and develop the technical skills necessary to create a radio show. Each of us will become a correspondent to a particular body of issues for the show and make news stories about that issue. 


Citizen Journalists are :
asey Colton, Kara Erny, Joel Cano, Zachary Gough, Simogne Hudson, Scott Poole, Danny Shapiro

Thanks to:
Pete Banjo, Rozzell Medina, Amanda Hudson, Mike Murawski, Kristian Foden-Vencil