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Gearing up for Dawson City

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One of today's great pleasures was reading a section of the accompanying catalogue of Oh, Canada an exhibition compiled for MASS MoCA in North Adams Massachusetts.  Here's one gem:

"As an exhibition, the white space organized us as contemporary artifacts, a collection of sorts, granted each of us an overdeveloped sense of autonomy that, once asserted, was immediately rendered irrelevant and dissolved altogether....The Winter was taking its toll, we agreed, making it impossible to tell if what was happening could be explained by a simple vitamin deficiency, or if it was something more insidious, a collective delusion, mass psychosis. Sunlight disappeared from the days. The dinner was over, and the meal had long since turned to the liquids. We huddled around wood stoves. Someone cut her thumb with a hatchet; someone else avoided eye contact with a former business associate. Some of use were falling in love. Our words took on tones of greater and greater urgency". 

-Lance Blomgren, from Between Friends and Strangers: Paraphrasing the Yukon, an essay from the exhibition catalogue of the show Oh, Canada.